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The Stay-at-Home Parent and Divorce

St. Charles Divorce Lawyers

The Stay-at-Home Parent and DivorceWhen an individual chooses to stay out of the workforce or take lower-paying or part-time work in order to focus on his or her children and household, the prospect of divorce can be terrifying. Opting out of the workforce is an act of surrendering one’s capability to provide for him- or herself to his or her spouse, which requires an immense level of trust.

In a divorce, both parties have the right to their marital property and time with their children. The only exception is extreme cases in which one parent is deemed to be harmful to the children and has his or her parental rights terminated. If you are a stay-at-home parent facing the prospect of divorce, take the time to learn about your rights and options for ensuring financial security during the divorce process and after the divorce is finalized.

Divorce in the Age of the Internet

Elgin Divorce Attorneys

Divorce in the Age of the InternetThe internet changed our lives, mostly for the better but in some ways, for the worse. No matter how you feel about the impact the internet had on our lives, you cannot deny the profundity of its impact. The internet is a wide, public space and how you behave online can impact how you are perceived by your friends, your employer, your family, and law enforcement. The actions and statements you take on social media and other websites can impact your divorce, sometimes unfairly. You may want to consider the following information as you progress through your divorce.

Everything you Do on the Internet is Public Information

Even if your social media profiles are set to private, you can never be sure that something you post will not be picked up by a follower and used against you in your divorce.

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